The Voter Quoter

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Dick, The Man Who Is President by John Nichols, The New Press, 2004

Excerpt from Chapter 8: "Dick Cheney's War", pp. 208-209

Ten days after the new administration took office, at the first National Security Council meeting, it became clear to Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill that Cheney and other hard-liners "were already planning the next war in Iraq and the shape of a post-Saddam country." In fact, O'Neill noted, the usually quiet and unrevealing Cheney displayed "uncharacteristic excitement" when George Tenet rolled out a tablecloth-size aerial photo that the CIA director said might show "a plant that produces either chemical or biological materials for weapons manufacture." O'Neill suggested that the picture of a factory looked like a lot of other factories around the world and asked, "What makes us suspect that this one is producing chemical or biological weapons?" Tenet admitted that there was "no confirming intelligence," which deflated the partylike atmosphere. But, noted Ron Suskind, who recounted O'Neill's experience in The Price of Loyalty (2004), "Ten days in, and it was about Iraq."

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