The Voter Quoter

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Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush - by John W. Dean, Little, Brown and Co., 2004

Excerpt from Preface, pp. xv-xvi

In looking at the Bush-Cheney White House, I found it not unlike Nixon's in that it spends far more time crafting the president's public image and working on the politics of reelection, than on truly addressing the business of the American people. But what clearly distinguishes this presidency is its vice president, a secretive man by nature whose unmatched power is largely veiled but whose secret governmental operations have changed the world—and not for the better. Dick Cheney, effectively a co-president incognito, works behind closed doors and does not answer to Congress or the public. His partner, the president, is not sufficiently knowledgeable about their policies to answer questions about them adequately, if and when he does occasionally make himself available. It is not that he is stupid, only ignorant—and apparently by design. Yet time and again, their principal public policies—both foreign and domestic are laden with hidden agendas.

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