More quotations from
Alice in Bushland: Fact and Fantasy in the Bush Administration
by Peggy Wireman

"When Alice asks Bush's spin doctor--Humpty Dumpty Rove whether they found the weapons of mass destruction, he snaps, "the President said that was OK because...Saddam Hussein wanted to have weapons of mass destruction.."
Alice: "When I want an ice cream cone, wanting it is not the same as having it."
Humpty Dumpty Rove: "Yes, but you're not King Bush. King Bush is like me. When I use a word, it means exactly what I say it means. It all depends which is the master, you or the word."" pp. 2-3

"Bush never provided the money promised to the schools to carry out his 'No Child Left Behind' requirements. ....Moreover, because of Federal budget cuts in many programs administered by the States and the downturn in the economy during the Bush years, many states have balanced their budgets by cutting educational funds, leaving many local school districts with less money than before. They have had to either cut school budgets and programs or raise property taxes." p. 21

"Bush may be the first President since Herbert Hoover to end his term with a new loss of jobs....In contrast, 22 million net jobs were created under President Clinton." p. 36

"The new (Medicare) law encourages the privatization of Medicare. Alice's mother (and yours) may lose her right to go to her own doctor...private companies will not have to accept all the seniors. They can 'cherry-pick,' accepting only the healthiest." p. 55

"The new Bush proposals increase the total amounts of mercury that will be permitted to be released...The elderly, children and unborn children suffer the most. Even under existing mercury regulations, an estimated 600,000 children a year are born with brain and other physical damage due to mercury in the 2001 Massachusetts issued warnings telling pregnant women not to eat the fish from ANY of its lakes." p. 67

"An increase in air pollution will increase asthma... Childhood asthma is one of the main reasons for children missing school, and it has been rising significantly." p. 67

"The Caterpillar insists that Bush didn't lie about the reasons we want to war in Iraq.
Alice: "But when my mother asks me a question and I only tell her the part I want her to hear, she accuses me of lying."
Caterpillar: "But you're a little girl. You're not the leader of the greatest nation on earth, the symbol of Democracy fighting a War on Terror..."" p. 74

"Budget Cuts "Compassionate King Bush" proposes: housing vouchers (The Section Eight waiting list is so long in this area that they closed the waiting list some time ago), WIC (Bush said he likes the program but plans to cut it after the election), science research except for space and defense." pp. 86-88